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Setting up a WYSIWYG editor is a real pain, it's careful balancing act between allowing the client flexibilty when creating content and restricting their ability to deviate from the sites stylong and branding. I have created a Github repo feature conatining a solid set of defaults that fit the majority of clients. you can download the repository here

Additional setup instructions


Set the permission 'Use the WYSIWYG text format' at /admin/people/permissions for each role.

Turn all the better_formats permissions off for each role.

Limit specific fields to the wysiwyg editor.

In the content type edit a field and set the following options.
e.g. /admin/structure/types/manage/CONTENT_TYPE/fields/body

Turn on 'Limit allowed text formats'.
Enable the 'wysiwyg' format and disable all others.

Turn on 'Overide the default order'.
Move WYSIWYG to the top of the list.

IMCE Setup

Create a new profile called 'wysiwyg'

  • Uncheck the option 'Display file browser tab in user profile pages.'
  • Maximum file size per upload = 8
  • Directory quota = 0
  • Total user quota = 0
  • Maximum image resolution = 0
  • Set 'Maximum number of files per operation' to 1
  • Set directory path to 'uploads/%uid'
  • Disable thumbnails and enable all others
  • Delete all thumbnail entries


Set the imce profile configuration for each role to 'wysiwyg' here /admin/config/media/imce


Setting Up For Comments

You can change the default text format for comments on a per content type basis by visiting the following link,


Having a wysiwyg for comments is undesriable and for the majority of situations using the filtered html option is advisable, the following settings are a good start.

  • Check 'limit allowed text formats'
  • Uncheck all but 'filtered html' in the Allowed formats section.
  • Check 'Overide default order' and make sure that filtered HTML is at the top of the list.


Turn off object resizing


/** * Implements hook_wysiwyg_editor_settings_alter(). */ function EXAMPLE_wysiwyg_editor_settings_alter(&$settings, $context) { if ($context['profile']->editor == 'tinymce') { $settings['object_resizing'] = FALSE; } } Useful Modules Spell Checker: Notes for the omega theme Currently the wysiwyg editor picks up the styles from the base theme, to counter this you can set the 'Editor css' option to 'Define CSS' and point the 'CSS path' it straight to the global.css file of your custom theme. i.e. sites/all/themes/custom/css/global.css Removing the grippe from a wyswiyg textarea function EXAMPLE_form_alter(&$form, &$form_state, $form_id) { $form['body']['und'][0]['#resizable'] = FALSE; }

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