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SEO is surely becoming the largest marketing platform available.

86% of internet traffic is generated through search engines. This may come as a surprise to some, but for us in the know, this figure is what we work for.

If you keep up-to-date on your SEO or technical news, you'll know that in the last month Google had an unexplained unwarranted 5 minute blackout. During these 5 minutes, internet traffic dropped by over 45%!

We are becoming ever more reliant on search engines and what they can provide for us.

With search being so key in our own research and findings, it came as no shock to learn that there are nearly 5 billion searches a month. this works out at approximately 1900 searches a second.

When you count yourself as one of these search users, ask yourself a couple of questions. When was the last time you looked on page 2? And when did you last click on any adwords campaigns (you know those links in the yellow boxes or the links crawling down the side of the results page)?

If you can't remember, or your answer is not very often or never, then you would fall under the 96% of traffic that don't click on adwords campaigns or you'd be in the 75% of traffic that never looks past page 1.

This is why SEO is essential to your business. If you haven't looked into SEO yet, you really shouldn't hang about, as SEO will keep you in front of (or at least) beside your competitors.

No matter what your business - someone is searching for you. If your competitors have an SEO campaign to their name - you need to make sure you can compete with them by getting yourselves an SEO campaign now rather than later.

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