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SnapCycle – The green app

Nudge has made it! We’re proud to announce that our green team has made it to the second stage of the 2015 European Green Capital Digital Challenge. Our app idea to boost recycling in local communities has received very positive ratings from the judges. Want to find out more about the event and what our team will whip up next?

What is the “European Green Capital”?

Every year the European Commission recognises one major city in the EU that has made outstanding efforts to battle the environmental challenges all urban societies face. In 2015 Bristol won this prestigious award through our high environmental standards, ambitious goals and the effort each Bristolian puts into saving energy, recycling and ecological transport. We are the first ever UK city to win this title.

Great ideas to tackle urban environmental challenges

To celebrate Bristol’s year as European Green Capital, various city-wide events will take place in which many organisations and individuals can get involved. One of the most exciting ones that we as company are participating in, is the Green Capital Digital Challenge.


This challenge is an initiative designed to inspire innovation in the development of software, mobile applications and games that will raise awareness and offer support in tackling five environmental challenges: energy, transport, food, resources and nature. 

This competition will be run in two stages: Stage 1 was the 48-hour Digital Challenge Hack Event that took place last weekend at the Watershed. 12 chosen teams developed their green ideas over the weekend and the judges had the difficult task to pick six contesting teams to enter the second stage of the Digital Challenge. Each of those 6 received £5000 and eight more weeks to develop their projects further. The second stage culminates on April 20th when the winner will be announced

SnapCycle – what makes our app so green? 

All teams that have entered the 48-hour Hack Event had great and diverse ideas, but we’re of course very proud that our SnapCycle app has made it amongst the final six.

SnapCycle is designed to promote and simplify recycling in urban communities. We all have this problem: that thing at home we meant to get rid of ages ago or don’t know what to do with it. Cue SnapCycle. Our app prevents these things from ending up in landfill sites, further polluting our environment, by offering you a platform to sell your unwanted junk or get advice how to dispose of it responsibly and easily.

Simply take a quick “snap” of the item you want to recycle, upload it to the app with a short description and SnapCycle will find a new home for it. But if no-one wants it, the app won’t leave you hanging. It will provide you with tips what else to do, how to recycle it responsibly and where the nearest recycle site is. We are still in the middle of developing but you can already take a peek at the web app version.

Say Hello to the Nudge Green Team

Say hello to five of our finest developers that have taken on the Digital Challenge: 


From left to right we have James G.  and James - the SnapCycle masters of design and frontend, Ed – our Codesby deluxe, Benji and Sorin – the MVC gurus. 

Take a look at what they say about the Digital Challenge, SnapCycle and the strong bond between a developer and his coffee. 

What will happen next?

The £5000 we have won to develop our idea further will be invested in brain food (pizza, coffee and skittles) for our green team. Everyone at Nudge is supporting them in any way we can and we’re all very much excited to bring this app to life. Living in a city like Bristol, it is a great opportunity to contribute in such a far-reaching manner to solving environmental problems in urban areas. Over the next 8 weeks the team will put blood, tears in sweat in the development and design of the app to win the competition on April 20th. Watch our blogs and Twitter to stay in the loop.


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