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 We have all been there. You are at a conference and have managed to bump into a major decision maker. You have made your elevator pitch and he is interested - but he has to leave. "Let’s talk later," he says and asks for your card. You have just given your last card to someone else....

As the sales guy I get to see alot of business cards. right now I have a pile from various recent networking events and many of them are redundant as I can't remember what we talked about or where.
We sales guys love to think that we will diligently record every detail of that fleeting interaction - but often its not possible.
Let’s Talk Later is the app that replaces the need for exchanging business cards altogether and, more importantly, prompts you to follow up at a mutually agreed upon time. The app allows you to record a name, email address and short note (even quicker with the iPhone dictation function) and agreed date and time to ‘talk later.’ What’s more, when you are ready to get back in touch, the ‘Google this person’ function means you can get more details about them before you talk.

The app was developed by ex Senior Partner at PriceWaterhouseCoopers Adrian Stanway, who told me: “I only make apps that I find personally useful. The basis of the app is to capture brief encounters. It’s those little moments that matter.”

I love using the app and it proves a lot more successful than my business cards. Try it out for yourself it's completely free.

Apple App Store       Google Play Store


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