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Quality score is a lovely number out of ten that plays a massive part in determining how much you pay your online ad server, per click. And a high quality score means lower costs which means happier bottom line! It takes a few things into account, which I'll go into more detail of in a second, but first, I'll explain why it's such a magic number.


Quality score levels the playing field

Well, somewhat. A whole host of things are taken account when calculating quality score, but crucially, the amount of money you have to spend is not one of them. The emphasis on quality is what's important. No matter which search engine and what ad server you are using, they all want to provide their customers (people searching) with the best, fastest, most relevant experience - so that they come back to them again and click on another one of their ads (Google made over $3 billion dollars profit in one quarter last year, driven largely by these clicks).


So how do they calculate it?

None of the big ad servers have come out with exactly how quality score is calculated, but they have told us that, amongst other things, the following are taken into account, with varying degrees of weight:

Click-through-rate (CTR) - the percentage of people who saw your ad and clicked on it. Each click is a 'thumbs up' and you get credit for this. 

Landing page relevance - it's really important that the copy and content of your landing page reflects your keyword and ad copy. If your landing page doesn't do this, Google and the like will deem your campaign to be poor quality and knock your score down.

Ad copy relevance - crucially, your ad copy must reflect the original search query made. If your potential customer searches for an elegant waistcoat and your ad is for a dashing tophat, you will be penalised for not meeting the searcher's query. It's not always easy to shoehorn your keyword into an ad, so in the next part I have a tip that can help with this. 

So from Google, Bing, Facebook etc's point of view, they want to be the ad server that shows you the perfect ad at the perfect time, and your job as an advertiser is to help those guys do their job - and they'll reward with a reduced cost per click which should reduce your overall cost per lead, sale or acquistion. And that's what's it's really all about!


In part 2 of my quality score series, I'm going to reveal to you some top hacks for improving quality score...


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