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We’re Nudge and our passion is to create great solutions for interesting people. We listen, brainstorm, suggest, create, play, develop and celebrate”

I couldn’t help but notice how the above statement came to life during my ten days working visit to the Nudge UK office from our Ghana office. From sales through accounts to development and of course not forgetting the awesome management, quality is a process not an afterthought in how business is conducted at Nudge Digital.  

During my visit to Nudge, my daily activities involved interacting with team members, being part of a sales & kick-off meeting, shadowing an account manager, and not forgetting my interactions with my fellow programmers.

When I had the opportunity to witness a sales pitch to a prospective client, I couldn’t help but come out of that meeting feeling this is the best part of my visit to UK so far. That was not because my days prior have been any boring or uninteresting, but because the Sales team exhibited “listening, brainstorming and suggesting”. 

In my home country, Ghana, we are very sceptical about sales professionals because most people have bad experiences with companies not delivering on what they have been promised to clients and the IT sector companies unfortunately are major offenders. I have no doubt that Nudge can challenge that culture of service deception here because it’s built in its very core fabric that Nudge delivers on the service offerings that the Sales team offers -  quality sold and delivered.

You might want to ask, how is Nudge consistently delivering quality solutions to its clients on a project by project basis? The clue to that query I reckon lies in the process of work and the professionalism of the Accounts Department at Nudge.  Anyone who has been in the digital project management space would appreciate that clients and software developers are not the two most exciting groups of people you would want to be managing on a daily basis. Our Nudge account managers excel in managing them both and the only way you can judge their success is consider projects such as Cyberstreetwise, Cornwall College and MiHeart - just to name a few.

Account managers ensure that developers pay maximum attention to details – yes attention to details – that’s a phrase you are likely to come across often if you don’t deliver the maximum quality. There are three things pertinent to achieving quality work (a developer at Nudge may want to keep this checklist as a holy grail):

  • Deliver on time
  • Program to requirements
  • Test and re-test

I also got to appreciate that Nudge developers love a challenge and are willing to successfully take on difficult tasks, contribute to their team and learning new technologies on the job. Developers at Nudge enjoy learning and sharing what they learn. Personally I have never been keen about learning iOS application development but upon interacting with one of Nudge’s iOS experts, I could say I have been converted and already armed myself with a guide to iOS development with Swift.

 ISO 9000 defines quality as follows

“The totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs".

In simpler words, one can say that a product has good quality when it "complies with the requirements specified by the client". This is what Nudge as a company has been delivering to its cherished clients since its inception and if you ever have the need for an internet solution: website, marketing and research, just get in touch with us!

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