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The internet is a wonderful place. Being at the forefront of social media means I am exposed to a variety of weird and wonderful videos on a daily basis, some capture my attention, some capture my mind and others capture my heart. 

Once a week for the next month I will be showcasing some of my best finds from the world wide web. This week, I am concentrating on videos that amaze me; from amazing music, amazing creations, amazing kindness and just amazing. 

To play a video, simply click on the image! 


Amazing Music

The amazing music award this week goes to an Australian fella called John Butler – I was initially shown this video a few years back but to this day, he still makes an apperance at parties and gatherings when we’re all comparing amazing musical talent. So for this reason, John Butler – Ocean Live – the award goes to you.


Amazing Creations 

This week’s amazing creations go to the guys at League of Buddies for their stop motion, hand crafted stories shot 99% in camera. This is brilliant!



Amazing Kindness

Take a fake lottery ticket, a very convincing Shop Assistant, some kindness and what do you get? this video.  Courtesy of a guy called “MagicofRahat”, this video brought a smile of my face and made me feel a whole lot better about the world. 



Just Amazing!

This week’s just amazing video goes to The Fine Brothers. After Shakira’s latest hit sensation Can’t remember to forget you staring Rihanna became an internet favourite, amassing over 174 million views in just five weeks, the video came under scrutiny for being far too racy.

The fine brothers decided to capture the reaction of some old folks, to see what they thought of what the youngsters are watching and listening to these days.


A must watch video!




Join us next Friday for more internet fun! Have a Brilliant weekend and remember to share this blog post if you like what you've seen! 

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