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Welcome back to NudgeTube – Your weekly video countdown! This week, I will be showcasing my best internet finds over the past week, picking videos from the following categories;

Funny, Parody, Remix and WTF.  

As always, to play the video simply click on the image.








Our first video is titled Ballad of a Hero (McSweeney's and Vulture Exclusive) – Isn't this just how everyone feels when they fix an internet issue? I sure do. This week’s funny goes to this guy! 



My second video is all about the parody. Remember the First Kiss video from the past week, about the strangers who were asked to kiss for the first time? Well this is that, but with dogs. I had to flip a coin as to whether to use this parody or another version – which made me laugh, but wasn’t quite suitable for this post. So, for the best parody video of the week I present to you, First Sniff. 



We all love a good edit remix, so here’s the cast of Harry Potter (unknowingly) singing the hit song “We are never getting back together” by Taylor Swift. 



Finally, we reach the WTF round. I decided to try and find something that made me think, something that inspired me and something that changed my life.. instead, all I found was a video that made me think "What did I just watch..” – Here’s that video. 


Bonus Video

You’ve made it this far, I thought I would share my bonus video of the week. 

This comes straight from the UL Student elections, titled "The Wolf Of UL Students' Union". Now elected president Tommy Bolger, took a very different approach to the standard “Vote for me”. 


If you like what you've seen today, please share this post! Be sure to join us next week for another brilliant collection of videos.


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