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What are your thoughts on Bristol being European Green Capital 2015?

“It’s great, Bristol has some real problems at the moment – especially around air pollution. So hopefully being the European green capital will help raise awareness of these issues and become more proactive dealing with them” - Ed

Bristol is an amazingly green city already, there’s a great attitude and mentality towards being green here, so it seems like the perfect place for this kind of thing to happen” - Benji


Why did you decide to join the Nudge Green Team?

Happy to give a weekend up when it’s for a good cause, plus I was promised free pizza” - Ed

Recycling and energy saving are really important to me so when I was given the opportunity to take part in an event where I can use my skills and creativity to raise awareness on this I grabbed it with both hands” - Sorin


Who was your competition?

We knew another team [over in the next room] had the same subject area as us, and while we didn’t see them as our nemesis, there was a worry that our idea could end up being too similar to theirs. Luckily this wasn’t the case” - Ed

“Our top competition was Ecodesk.Their idea was to allow companies to share or exchange their waste to create useful by-products, instead of sending all the waste to landfill” - Benji


Apart from Snap Cycle, which other idea did you like the most?

My favourite idea from the other teams was Crocodile, an app to facilitate the organisation of walking buses” - Ed

The Crocodile app I think it has a lot of potential because of the impact it could have on communities” - Sorin

All the game entries were really good. Super Trash Heroes was amazingly polished considering the time limit. Most of the ideas were definitely viable and worthy of being shortlisted” - James 


What was the biggest challenge during this event?

Staying awake! That and learning the Eloquent ORM we decided to use instead of CodeIgniter’s DB abstraction layer” - Benji

Biggest challenge was definitely the speed at which everything had to be done in. Losing an hour to a single bug is acceptable in a project that spans a couple of months but it is a massive issue when you’ve got 2.5 days to make everything. Keeping everyone on the same page in terms of where we were at and what was being worked on was also challenging” - James 


What was the most fun moment during the hackathon?

Probably seeing the site being used by the other teams once we had given out the URL as part of our presentation” - Ed


What was the most surprising moment?

When SnapCycle was announced as one of the winners; we were all so exhausted the applause had already started before it sank in!” - Benji

During the presentations we were really impressed with what the other teams achieved. One of them developed a full working level for a game in two days. Mindblowing!” - Sorin


 Did anything totally unexpected happen?

No one fell asleep. Also the food that Watershed put on was really good” - James 


Was there something you really liked or disliked about the event?

This was the first hackathon I have taken part of and I think it was really well organized” - Sorin


How are you "green" in your daily life?

I'm probably not green enough. But I will be when we've built this app!” - Benji

In my day to day to life I’m really aware of the choices I make when it comes to recycling and energy saving. I have 6 different bins at home for recycling and would not buy any electrical/electronic item which doesn’t have an A++/A+++ energy efficiency rating. I really try to buy local products but unfortunately a lot of the times it’s hard to find them” - Sorin


Is there anything they should have done differently?

More free beers” - James




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