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We've had a great year at Nudge, launching websites for massive brands and huge public sector departments, like the Department of Health. We wanted to end someone else's year with some brilliant news. We ran a competition called Nudge Kindness where we asked worthy causes to ask for a new website. 

After a month we've had an abundance of entries and the competition has come to a close. We are delighted to announce the winner, Integrated Neurological Services. Sara, whose husband has suffered a brain tumor, wrote the following entry:

INS (Integrated Neurological Services) is a truly unique and amazing charity based in Twickenham offering support and hands on help to people with neurological conditions and their carers. My husband, Neal, was diagnosed with a brain tumour and has become increasingly disabled. There was no where to turn for help. The NHS had closed his file but INS offered support and one to one physiotherapy which was so desperately needed. There is not a charity in the UK like INS and due to the high demand in the local community, INS want to expand, offering support to more boroughs to spread the good work which so many need. A new website to give greater awareness and to spread the wonderful work INS do would be fantastic and much needed.

So When Does The Web Design Begin?

Nudge has created websites for charities successfully in the past, in some cases helping the increase of donation by up to 150%. We'll be looking to achieve that with INS.

Nudge will be meeting INS in the coming months to get an even better understanding of the charity, their vision and strategy for the coming two years. Our digital strategists will then work with INS to decide exactly how we can best leverage the Internet to make that happen. Our web designers will then get to work, giving INS a fresh online look, encouraging donation of time and money. Then, we'll create a Drupal website for INS bringing together all our learning.

We're excited to work with and become associated with such a fantastic charity. Watch this space...

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