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For the arithmophobic marketers of us out there, growth hacking can appear to spell the tragic end of creativity, gut feeling and emotional connection. And it’s true - growth hacking is all about acting on data, not on impulse or intuition. It can feel quite painful to throw everything you think you know about your demographic out of the window, and look at them as a bunch of numbers swimming about in a Google Analytics-orange sea. However, don’t fret. In this blog post, I’m not going to talk about how to growth hack, I’m going to talk about why it shouldn’t scare you.


I am not a number

There are a few home truths here I found difficult to swallow. We are, despite what we like to believe, predictable creatures and display similar patterns of behaviour, particularly when it comes to using the internet and websites. This doesn’t mean that we’re all ‘sheep’ blindly making decisions - but it does mean that we have a tendency to do similar things when we use a website.

Growth hacking is all about taking the majority of users displaying a particular behaviour and, if it’s not conducive to achieving your conversion goals, steering that majority in another direction. On the surface this might sound like coercion and trickery. But your bounce rate will soar if you end up forcing your customer down a path that jars with them, or is contrary to the purpose of their visit. Growth hacking will only succeed if you help your customers get the outcome they expected in the first place more efficiently. Anything else, and the majority will rule - and they’ll hit ‘x’.


Maths + creativity does not compute

Growth hacking shouldn’t disable creativity, but inform and enhance it. Your site’s usability and experience will make or break it’s success and your customers will let you know how usable your site really is. Creativity is all very well, but for a website with a commercial purpose, the end experience must be a positive one for the user. So embrace the data - it is your friend. Whether your goal is more customers, higher value customers, or more engaged customers, you can listen to what your users are telling you and act on it cheaply, easily and creatively. As marketers we spend millions of pounds a year conducting market research, through focus groups, surveys and observation. We are all waiting for that tiny morsel of knowledge that says: ‘this is your customer, and this is exactly what they want.’ If you look at your website’s analytics with your growth hacking hat on, your users are telling you what they want: they are voting with their clicks. They are giving you a thumbs up or down. And you didn’t have to pay a market research company £10,000 to learn invaluable things about them.


So love the numbers, they are there to help you! Jump on board our webinar on the 23rd and find out how optimising your website by making tiny changes to it can have a massive impact on your revenue. It’s growth hacking at its best!


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