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An increasing digital savvy UK population provides a huge opportunity for the public sector; digital delivery of services and interaction with citizens means cost savings and a much better quality of service.

Digital Transformation Is The Way Forward

Over 89% of the British population use the internet daily for all kinds of tasks and have long started trusting services offered online. With digital solutions developing at a rapid pace the possibilities of digitising public services are almost endless. There are many success stories in the UK and Europe showing the positive impact online services have.

A great example is Norway, where the government is a strong supporter of Information and Communication Technology. In 2013 they adjusted the Digital Agenda for Europe to Norway’s specific needs with huge success. The Digital Agenda Norway (DAN) has resulted in now almost 60% of Norwegians using eGovernment services (compared to only 33% EU average). One of DAN’s biggest successes is the electronic Tax Administration Scheme, where the numbers of users increased from 17.6% to 66.6% in just one year.

Digital Impact - The User Comes First

The Government Digital Service has long been a proponent of putting the user first and has published a best practice manual, which suppliers to the public sector are encouraged to adhere to.

User centred, problem focussed digital solutions could save the British taxpayers up to £1.7bn by rolling out further services similar to the exemplary PAYE portal, Prison Visitation System, Electoral Registration System and more.

Over the last two years the British Government took a first step to drive digital transformation of public services, making 25 main services digital by default. Since March, twenty services (such as register to vote, student finance, civil claims or visas) are already accessible online. About 10% of the British public are using the services so far; there is strong ambition to increase that number several times over. The government is planning to continue the momentum in the coming years.

Better, Smarter Public Service

Having worked with many public sector organisations it’s clear to us that digital service delivery is the way forward. You can find Nudge on G-Cloud 6 and The Digital Service Framework, the UK Government’s procurement service. Take a look at the projects we did for public sector clients. To find out more or to discuss your digital needs get in touch.

We can learn a lot from Norway’s progressive approach and in the end ‘digital by default’ will make life easier for everyone.


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