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Our normal camera op has fallen ill (get well soon Graham!), since we're producing experimental content on Monday we thought we'd reach out to the impressive young British filmaking community to see if anyone wants to get involved.

We're heading to Green Screen Studios in Soho to create a few fun, simple and digestible tutorial videos for a tier 1 brand. The videos will be shown to the client with a view to them commissioning a series of them.

We have a long history of helping graduates and students gain experience and expertise and so we thought this would be a good opportunity for us to continue the tradition. 

If you're an ambitious camera operator that is looking to get into working on branded web content, we're inviting you to get involved.

To be considered, you'll need...

  • to be available to meet in person tomorrow (25th) or on Sunday (27th) in London to discuss the shoot, or at the very least, have time for a long phonecall.
  • Your own camera (we won't have time to train you on our gear!)
  • Ideas, enthusiasm, ambitiou and work ethic
  • To show us what you've done before via an online showreel or sending us some video

If you're good, we'll add you to our supplier roster after the shoot. If you're not, hopefully you'll gain some experience throughout the day.

Contact us immediately to get involved.

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