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SEO is tedious and has brought many people to the brink of madness, yet no matter your company’s size, if you have a website you should invest some love into your SEO. Let us give you some help with that! We have brainstormed our 8 most valuable and easily applicable tips to help you getting to the top. 

Most search result on SEO show it’s about the content on your website and people linking to it. While this is true, you can do a lot more to improve your ranking in todays sophisticated search engines.


#1 Don’t use generic keywords 

Consider keywords the directory to guide your content. Keyword tools like LongtailPro or KeywordTool can help you deciding which are the most relevant for you. Using keywords that have little competition but decent search value will make a huge difference to your ranking. Remember to never overuse the same keywords or to stuff your text full of them!
We recommend making a list of suitable words and phrases and letting them flow naturally into your blog or website. 


#2 There is no way around awesome content

Optimizing content for your blog/website is fundamental for successful SEO efforts. Your content should be unique and original and always add value to what has already been done.  Not an easy task. Crucial is keeping your readers engaged. Them as well as search engines love detailed, relevant, well written and current content. Updating existing content as well as posting regularly will help you assert authority and improve your search result ranking.
We recommend adding your own opinion and thoughts on the topic you want to write about. This is what adds value and is unique to you.


#3 Make your readers want to read your content

The Quality is one thing, but a badly presented post or webpage can make your hard work futile. One long block of text is about the worst you can do for search engines and your readers. Both will appreciate the use of paragraphs, headings and subheadings to make your content visually appealing and easy to follow. 


#4 A structured website will work wonders

A great website structure as well as a beautiful design are two of the most important things to consider! Sitemaps and a straightforward link structure make it easy to navigate for your readers as well as search engine crawlers. This means that every page itself is easier to find and faster to load. We also highly recommend using a responsive web design to ensure the best user experience on all devices and screen sizes.


#5 Backlinks is a vote of trust

This is an external SEO factor that is not easy to influence. Think of it as other webmasters telling the search engine that your content is great and should be ranked higher. Bear in mind that not every link is equal in its influence on your search engine result. One link from a highly reputable website is a lot more worth than 100 links from websites that are not as established. Earning great backlinks can take time and is highly dependent on the quality of your content and the trust you have built up over time.


#6 Social Media has its hand in this pie too

There is probably no escaping social media when it comes to business, so let’s use it to your advantage. While it is a highly controversial aspect of SEO we believe that it can help you boosting your ranking significantly. Content posted on social media platforms attracts a lot more users to your website and subsequently increases traffic. And you don’t even have to pay for ads! We recommend to post regularly and engage with your users. Not only will that increase traffic but build trust in your expertise. 



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