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We were very pleased to hear that Cyber Street was awarded the Web User magazine's "Site of the fortnight" in the latest issue! 


They also awarded the site a 5 star review.

"Cyber Streetwise

The UK government has launched this site to help the public and small businesses stay safe online. It takes the form of an animated, interactive high street, which you can explore to learn more about web-security topics.For example, enter the surgery for tips on keeping your PC and phone healthy, or pop into the bank to find out how to avoid phishing attacks. You can also click characters, including a jeweller, a solicitor and a customer outside a boutique, to watch videos of their 'stories'.

Although much of the advice is obvious ("install anti-virus on all your devices to help prevent infection") and the cartoon graphics could be construed as condescending, the fresh, lively approach makes lots of important safety information accessible to all.

One tip: if you can't be bothered to stroll along the virtual street, just click the newspaper in the bottom-left for shortcuts to all the content."

Our rating: 

5 stars: Superb. Impossible to fault in terms of design, content and features. Bookmark it now!"

Everyone at the Nudge team is very happy! 

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